"As I drive, I can clearly see the road ahead; and appreciate the scene at my left and at my right - a thing I can never do while inside a jeep or a bus."
Get rid of traffic, use motorbike. Take the narrow rough path to a far-flung place that 4-wheel cars can not do, use a motorbike. There are just many reasons why I really love traveling with a motorbike not to mention the freedom it gives me.

[SANTA] Honda Beat at Old Quirino Bridge

When I still didn't have a motorbike, I had to commute to and from, wherever I want to go. Sometimes, if there is a beautiful view I see on board a jeep or a bus, I always wanted to stop for a moment and capture this scene.

But uhhh... should I wish for manong driver to stop the jeep or the bus, it is almost impossible because my compulsion should not be granted in the expense of others.

Because I can not afford to buy a 4-wheel car for long distance travel, I see to it that I must stay at the window seat whenever I am inside the bus.

[BANTAY] With my brother in Sallacong

Until I was able to acquire my own motorbike. And through the acquisition of my motorbike, this travel blog was born.

Commuting for me is not at all bad. In fact, I consider it as one of the most practical ways to travel. But I discovered that for inter-provincial travel, having your own motorbike is the best way ever to do it.

I dared, I took the risk and I tested how far can I go. I proved by myself that it is not dangerous to take the highway via a motorbike. It is just a matter of experience, discipline on the road and accustomization. 

[SUYO] With cyclists along Tagudin-Cervantes-Sabangan Road

Traveling gives sense of freedom as driving a motorbike does. You are not confined within a cage (like a car) and you're totally out of anything that might limit your space.

As I drive, I can clearly see the road ahead, the scene at my left and at my right - a thing I can never do while inside a jeep or a bus.

Whenever I see a beautiful river, beach, mountain or simply children smiling along the road, I can afford to stop and capture them because I own my time.

Traveling using a motorbike is also very cheap. For an amount of 130-200pesos, I can town-hop all the way to Laoag City or Pagudpud up north, or to the beaches and surfing destinations of La Union down south, or take the mountain roads to Abra at the east or if you want some extra thrill or challenge, take the Tagudin-Cervantes-Sabangan road going either to Baguio City, Sagada or Bontoc or just the first towns you take as you enter Benguet. That's holy cheap! You can also go all the way to Pangasinan or turn east to Nueva Ecija via Umingan if you want more thrill and fun. 

For now, my favorite is to hop to the old churches of Ilocos Sur then exploring all the amazing beaches at its coastline and have a little climb to its upland towns.

Just make sure to refill your gas tank everytime or bring a container to store your extra gas if ever the road you are taking has no gasoline stations like what I did when I traversed the Tagudin-Cervantes-Sabangan (Mt. Province) Road.

[SUYO] With the Honda Beat along this thirsty River

[CERVANTES] Honda Beat in Bessang Pass

[BANTAY] With the Abra River at the background

When I started engaging with this kind of hobby, my friends tell me, "Buti nakauwi ka pa ng buhay, nag-motor ka lang?" with their knowledge that the trail I am taking is uncommon and can be dangerous.

My parents are also kontrabida because they are not allowing me to do it. In the long run, my friends began to understand my passion and whenever I go they just say "ingat."

[SANTA] My other brother

[BANTAY] Random Encounter in Sallacong Valley

The moment my two younger brothers also acquired their own motorcycles, I have encouraged them to explore the far-flung places with me and I am really glad that we are having a good time the way I liked it - via traveling in single motor.

Of course, for motor-bikers who love going to places, it is always important to observe safety measures such as wearing helmet and other safety gears. Be sure to set your motorcycle in a good condition to avoid problems along the road.

Traveling via motorbike, I have the chance to interact with locals, ask for directions or be a part of their daily routine. I have observed how the people harvest their crops and the unique way how they plant rice to the banks of the river. I am immersed with the actual culture of the place and able to witness the basics of their lives.

Traveling via a motorbike has allowed me to experience such things that I may not experience when I will just travel with jeepney, bus or airplane. With a  motorbike, you stop over anytime and control your time, a fact that jeepneys, buses and airplanes can not offer.

These are just some of the reasons why I love traveling with a motorbike and no one can stop me with this. Have I mentioned it gives me a sense of true freedom? /end

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  1. With your post, I remember my brother who wanted to have a motorbike. Being a kontrabida ate, syempre mega-discourage ako, dami ko kase naririnig na motorbike-related accidents, kaya ayun di sya natuloy bumili. But since traveling is your passion, and your motorbike is your companion (ay, me rhyme...hehe), ingats na lang lagi Edmar. :)

  2. Haha!!! Wagas ang rhyme. hahaha... Ganyan din sabi ng mga friends ko... "Ingat" parang Paracetamol lang ni John Loyd haha.

  3. I have a motorcycle too, edmar. I used to ride it for the first 5 years due to the nature of my job. But when Bukidnon has the highest rate of accident in motorcycle in Region 10, I stopped using it and instead shift to bus ride. I can't endure anymore to ride a motorcycle for 2-3 hours that will caused me an aching back after I've arrived home.

  4. yay! sir bonz ako naman ay pwet ang sumasakit grabe. haha.

  5. I'm still quite scared of motorbike rides (though I've done heaps of habal habal trips in the past) but I do agree with you. It's really convenient. And the views are amazing!

  6. @Gay, ako rin dati takot na takot pero nasanay na rin Hehe...

  7. Bro suggest k aman ng pwede q puntahan sa north dis coming holyweek, i am thinking of north luzon bus trip or quezon province get away maiba naman ty

  8. I have a motorcycle too. I agree with you, it gives me the freedom to feel the fresh air while travelling. Also handling and riding a motorcycle is so easy than handling any other vehicles.

  9. Multi level marketing opportunities | Super agree pal! :-)


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