"The reason for this is not to highlight myself or my blog because at the end of the day, I am still an ordinary person. However, I am doing this to awaken my spirit in exploring places that I have never seen before and to motivate me in going somewhere else."

Another year has gone (sweet bye bye 2011) and I need to welcome year 2012 with a challenge and I think I really need this to ignite the flame of my travel spirit. 2011 was a great traveling year discovering many towns, villages, communities, cities and the like. For this year, I want it to be more exciting.

[BANTAY] Exploring with my brothers

For people with a nomadic form of living, this challenge can be technically easy. But for a full-time working professional like me, it is not an easy task.

The reason for this is not to highlight myself or my blog because at the end of the day, I am still an ordinary person. However, I am doing this to awaken my spirit in exploring places that I have never seen before and to motivate me in going somewhere else.

I believe that traveling doesn't mean going too far from your place or undergoing an extreme adventure. For me exploring your own hometown is an essential part of traveling. As for me, it is my goal to explore the 34 towns and cities of my own province and I have to see the beauty of my birthplace first before going to other places.

In fact, Manila is even more accessible to reach than some of the towns in my home province Ilocos Sur. Some towns are located deep within the mountains and jungles and some towns even require you to travel to other provinces because there are no roads within the province itself except from taking the road from other provinces.

[BATAC] My first city for the 112 on 2012 project

Yes, it is within my home province but it won't be as easy as A-B-C because the interior towns are less accessible.
After exploring my home province, the remaining 78 more will be another challenge and I believe it won't be easy. I know this will be a tough one for me so I need to go out of my comfort zone to achieve this goal.

Yes, this is a goal and I don't want to leave a concluding word that I will be able to fulfill a goal. If we say goal, it could be successful or a failure but of course I am looking after the success of this goal.

[SAN EMILIO] To a highland town in Ilocos Sur

Well, I don't guarantee an absolute accomplishment about this goal and I just need the support and inspiration from my fellow travel bloggers for we share the same compulsions in life.

However, help me God. God bless me and good luck to me. But I am very optimistic that I will be able to do this at the end of the year. That would be a great year-ender post since I haven't made one for 2011. Let's see on December how far this goal has reached.

Come on! Let's travel because it is more fun in the Philippines! /end

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