"...this is just an art and there's nothing harmful about those, they just  look scary."

The old heritage city is just "I think" a perfect place for thrill seekers this Halloween season given the idea that the old ancestral houses are once a home for ancestors who are now dead. Although it is true, this is not a ground to be fearful in Vigan because the city is just making fun of the ghosts and engkanto that roams the city freely this Halloween. The city has just formulated the RANIAG Twilight Festival for everyone to enjoy the Halloween as a form of merry-making and fun in Vigan City.

Now let's check out some of the horror characters who have invaded the heritage city of Vigan. This is still a part of the Raniag Twilight Festival 2011.


In Ilocano they are called Manggagamod and they have found a space on Vigan's streets. Mangkukulam is popular in urban legends with the mythical belief that they can incur illnesses to the victim using a goo-goo doll. Usually physicians can not diagnose the illness. According to legends, they do this because of envy.

This witch (mangkukulam) carries with her the silyasi as a tool for her kulam activities.
The Mangkukulam in Motion
Smoke keeps coming out from the silyasi
Picture taking with the followers of the mangkukulam
Tried myself to have immersed with these engkantos that freely roam around the city center.

Well, there's nothing to fear because they are just a mere simulation of the urban legends. 

In fact, I was enjoying the costume party although I don't encourage everyone to wear a costume not friendly to kids. Parental guidance is always advised.

Unknown Maligno

This next creature as I called it "unknown maligno" is of course unknown to me, lol. It is my first time to see this kind of creature and I just salute the creativity of its creators.

Frightening creatures of the underworld keep appearing. There are creatures that I have never seen before and the photo above has a long tongue that keeps lying off the throat.

The reddish color was so creative as it tried to blend with the blackish motif that creates goosebumps.


Aswang is also very popular on the Pinoy urban legends being able to separate it's lower and upper body and leave the other on the ground and the upper half can fly up the sky and look for a victim. Legends tell that aswang's favorite victims are the the pregnant women. They love to eat human internal organs as well as of the animals around. They become a normal person before the sun shines.




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