"Starfish may look so cute but actually, they are predators and they eat other live marine organisms. So, some marine species must have the reason to be afraid with this starfish I am handling."

This island is super star-studded! You can see here the most beautiful stars and this stars are so alive! I am referring to the stars of the sea. Guess what? They are the starfish!

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In my previous post "Pinget Island: The Island with No Identity," I promised you that I will be featuring a discovery of mine and this discovery is about the wildlife underwater concerning the starfishes of this island.

Although this has been an old discovery of mine since it's been about 5 years the last time I touched these marine organisms, I still want to share it with you now that I have an opportunity. Let's begin!

The Eastern coast of Pinget Island in the town of Magsingal in Ilocos Sur province, Philippines is facing the pristine Lapog Bay. Lapog Bay is in fact a favorite destination for fishermen because of it's rich marine resources.

This bay supports a diverse form of marine species that has chosen this bay to be their home and one proof of this is the abundance of a starfish species, specifically at Pinget island.

In the world, there are1,800 living species [that's many!] of starfish that occur in all the world's oceans, including the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian as well as in the Arctic and the Southern Ocean (i.e., Antarctic) region. They are also called "sea stars" or generally called as the echinoderms. According to experts, more species are waiting to be discovered

Did you know that a starfish eats too? Well, of course, but where is the mouth, the esophagus and the stomach or, do they have those organs? The answer is yes. They have those organs. They also have anus to excrete their waste! Their mouth is located underside their body.

Starfish may look so cute but actually, they are predators and they eat other live marine organisms. So, some marine species must have the reason to be afraid with this starfish I am handling.

Any idea about the life span? Well, starfish life span depends upon the species. Some may live about 10 years and some can reach up to more than 30 years.

Do they breathe? Yes of course, they are animals too. If you try to notice them [if ever you've seen one], there are tiny structures [called papullae]  that dot their surfaces and these structures are the gateway for their respiration.

Starfish carries a big role in the balance of the ecosystem. So let's take care of their natural habitat. Sea stars and other echinoderms pump water directly into their bodies, via the water vascular system, as they find it. This makes them vulnerable to all forms of water pollution, as they have little ability to filter the water of toxins and contaminants. Oil spills and similar events often take a toll on echinoderm populations that carry consequences for the ecosystem [Oh no!  Let's don't let that happen]

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