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"Witnessing the whole drama while performing my professional duties is something money can't buy. It's enriching my life and my being."

[PERSONAL STORIES, SPECIAL FEATURE] ► Saying these two words "Thank You" could mean a lot. It only have eight letters yet its message is powerful. It could cross borders. It could unite differences. It could strengthen relationships and let's admit it, at least once in our lives, its message once penetrated our hearts.

In my work setting, I meet all types of people: young, old, poor, millionaire, divorced, convicted criminals, priests, battered wives, rape victims, drug users, HIV carriers, prostitutes, pregnant women, young girls who just had an abortion, politicians, beggars, single moms, businessmen and sometimes, your enemy.

Thank You, My Patients, for Teaching Me Life Lessons

MEETING DIFFERENT TYPES OF PEOPLE MORE THAN I could imagine to provide their health needs is not an easy task. I used to be judgmental when a patient confesses to me he has multiple s#xual partners, hence his STD. I used to look down (figuratively) to a prostitute who inquires to me about laboratory tests to ensure that her reproductive health is in good condition. And when the person who scammed you runs to you for help and still has the nerve to spread lies to tarnish your image, your role changes from a revengeful character to a superhero. Superhero in the sense that you still have to help him/her despite the fact that he/she wants to pull you down.

There are also clients/patients who would mock, humiliate, publicly embarrass or treat me like a slave as if I didn't study for four years in college and passed the board examination. Although that could be the case, I still have to please them. For a physically and mentally demanding, patience-depleting job that does not pay high, you need to endure all of these things. If you have a little patience, I tell you, you won't endure the job—and before I forget to mention, yes, I am a professional nurse working at the hospital. As a nurse, my role is to offer tender loving care whoever the person is, even if he considers you an enemy.

In spite of the challenges I'm experiencing in my work, working as a nurse widened my perspective in life. It broadened my horizon of humanity.

At times, deep in your sleep at 3 AM, you would wake up with a call from the hospital requesting you to report immediately because a pregnant woman needs to have an emergency Cesarian section and the team is understaffed, hence, your service. I have to wake up even if it's against my will because I have to help save two lives. My sleep can wait, but not the lives of two souls in trouble. In spite of these mandatory sacrifices and duties, I still want to thank all my patients, here's why:

At the operating room, the surgeon asked for the knife. She cut the skin of the pregnant woman. Blood spewed. After a few minutes of cutting the different layers of flesh, the surgeon took out the head of the child. She pulled it out from the womb. Everybody was cheering for that healthy little boy. But wait, there's more. It's a twin! We helped these two little souls claim their right to life. 

You know what's the best part? When the mother sees her babies for the first time, you're literally seeing the happiest face in the world and that's so contagious. The daddy waiting at the nursery, on the other hand, exhibits the best genuine, heartfelt, passionate smile in the world you could ever see that time and it's equally contagious.

So basically, I'm thanking my patients for opening the windows of my heart—that my work is more than a job, it's a mission. Touching scenes I see in my work setting are enriching my life.



Thank You, Mom and Dad

WITNESSING THE WHOLE DRAMA OF GIVING BIRTH while performing my professional duties is something money can't buy. It's enriching my life and my being. It has made me realize and understand the true meaning of unconditional love my parents had given (and still giving) me. It makes me imagine the day I was born. I know, my mom and dad also exhibited those faces on the first day of my existence, and even until now—everytime I make them proud.

So thank you mom and dad for my existence. I wouldn't be writing this thank you message now if you didn't give me the opportunity to live and although I am not the most perfect son out there, I will try to do my best for you to be proud of me. I also wish that this piece I've written would make you believe that your son is the best story teller in the world (as per parent's judgment and I know you'll be in favor of me always in terms of positivity). Haha.

Ending Thoughts

To all my patients at the hospital, I would also want to thank you. You've made me realize that life is too short and it's a shame to waste it. Thank you for making me a mature individual. Whether you attempted to commit suicide, you committed abortion or you are HIV positive, I'm not here to judge. I'm the one you can count on to whenever you need support and help because looking back on my every experience of assisting a mother in giving birth to her child, all of us became that little soul who was born of innocence. If I didn't meet you to learn your past and present struggles and condition, I think I'm still the old close-minded person now. Thank you for entrusting your lives and personal secrets to me. You've taught me to love others not related to me even on my worrisome days. You've taught me to offer care even on the day I care less about my self. You've taught me that there is always a chance to change for the better and become that person who would fight for his life and dreams no matter what.

Everytime I feel like everything seems to fail, I'd try to remember the times when I take part in helping a little soul claim his right to life out of the womb on their first journey in the world. We were born with a purpose and now that I'm already an adult, I think my purpose is getting clear. My patients helped me understand my purpose in life.

To my mom and dad, thank you for my existence and the love you've given me. To my patients, you guys are my inspirations. I AM A BETTER PERSON NOW and more matured than ever before. Thank you for enriching my life with the life lessons you've taught me as I embark on this journey called LIFE. | end | 



#AirAsiaPH #ThankYou

This post was inspired by #AirAsiaPh's #ThankYou video that aims to spread the spirit of gratitude this Christmas season. Check out the video below and learn to appreciate the simplest and smallest things in life that become big when we have that attitude of gratitude.

How about you? Who would you like to thank this Christmas?

P.S. Thank You AirAsia for giving me a chance to make my dreams come true. My dream of backpacking the Philippines and some countries abroad came true because of you. #ThankYou

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