Hey girl. Are you looking for him? Don't stay there. Drop off your hairbrush and make-up kit and just go on! Break Free! Meet your man on that road.

Hey girl. Meet you dream boy on the road. He is the man who wears a pair of hiking shoes or flip-flops. He can walk over that dusty street, take the muddy trail and even run downhill under the rain. He finds pleasure crossing that slippery wooden path over the rushing creek and rests his feet at the edge of that mountain rock. You'll see how dirty his feet are but you'll realize - the dirtier, the more fulfilled he is. He is the man who can go with you, anywhere you want.

Hey girl. Meet your dream boy on the road. He is the man with dark, sun-blazed skin. Look closely at his face and you'll notice his skin in uneven. He is sun-soaked because he loves it. When he is on that road, he doesn't much care on how he looks like and when you go with him, beach bumming with you is more important than on how his complexion would appear. Chase him and you'll learn he does not regret at the end of the day. He finds joy under the sun as much as he finds joy applying your sunblock lotion. He wouldn't trade your travel plans over office works and overtime pay.

Hey girl. Meet your dream boy on the road. He is the boy who may have scars, scratches or bruises at his legs but never complains on how his legs look like. He doesn't care how his legs appear before the crowd. You'll see how manly he is. He takes pride of who really he is. Ask him where he got those skin blemishes and he'll talk about his awesome travel memories. You'll learn that each mark is a destination he can relive on. He is the man who sees your scars as a product of adventure.

Hey girl. Meet your dream boy on the road. You'll see that he has no permanent home. He calls the outdoor his playground.  He can adapt to any environment. Go with him and you'll see him eat in bare hands. He finds eating strange food sexy and hip. He can sleep on the floor and on a bamboo bed. And when he wakes up, you'll hear him say, "That was a great night! I find sleeping inside a mosquito net romantic."

Hey girl. Meet your dream boy on the road. He is the man who carries a backpack. Let him fall in love with you and he'll show you that his backpack contains only 4 pieces of shirt he use during the whole course of his journey. You'll be surprised! Check what's more inside and you'll see travel books, travel brochures and at least one memento from his last journey. His backpack might be too old, but he might not trade that over a pair of leather shoes and a box of skin-whitening lotion. 

Hey girl. Meet your dream boy on the road. He is the man who makes people happy. He has seen the situation of the city, the farmlands and the mountains. He has seen the big gap between the poor and the rich. He has met fishermen, tricycle drivers, market vendors, farmers, room attendants, hotel sweepers, truck drivers, bus conductors, hunters, miners and others. He'll talk to you about the diversity of culture. He sympathizes with the less-in-life. Talk to him and he'll narrate his last experience with his 15-year-old tour guide, his strong and healthy 65-year-old habal-habal driver or his hitching experience with the soldiers.

He'll mention you how beautiful the dialect of his porter and guide who belong to a mountain tribe. He will also mention how he met an 81-year-old solo backpacker who has no complain of joint pain. Chase after him, and he'll also tell his best travel experience spent with you. He has a heart to the poor because he knows the nature of their livelihood and on how they spend a day at the field to send their kids in the school located at the next mountain after their village. This man won't judge your status in life. Come on, date him.

Hey girl. Meet your dream boy on the road. Hold his hands and see his long and dirty nails. You see? He doesn't hide his imperfections. He usually forgets bringing a nail cutter. But when you look at his backpack, he has a flashlight, a medicine kit and memory cards where he store jump shots and daring half-naked selfies he doesn't usually post on Facebook. He is waiting for you to remind him to bring a nail cutter, or better, cut his nails with love and he'll treat you in a dinner with fireflies around as appreciation.

Hey girl. Meet your dream boy on the road. You'll see his Facebook timeline is full of travel photos. When he opens his laptop, you'll see him browsing and planning for his next destination. Check his Instagram and you'll see that the last food he ate is a street food. Check his twitter account and he's bragging about the latest off-beat destination he just have reached. Hey girl. Meet your dream boy on the road. He is the man who prefers to watch the National Geographic Channel than the hit Primetime Teleserye. But when he feels a little bit romantic and in love, he watches a lovable Korean romantic comedy film dreaming he can backpack Korea someday with his Sassy Girl.

Hey girl. Meet your dream boy on the road. If you'll find him, you're the luckiest girl. He would love to learn to weave a bag for you than buying an expensive brand at the most expensive shop in town. He would save that money for your next trip in a weaving village. He'd cover you with an abel-fabric blanket he bought from his last trip up north. He doesn't care about your dark skin as a woman because he knows he is guilty for turning you into that. He doesn't find make-up kit helpful for you. He finds you beautiful that time you drove a motorcycle uphill for the first time. He finds you sexy when you climbed a mountain and he is behind you watching your every step. He finds you hot when after an exhausting long bus ride, he sees you smile and excited upon reaching the destination.

Hey girl. Meet your dream boy on the road. He is the man who prefers riding motorbikes over sports car. He loves finding adventure without worrying of getting dirty and wet. Hey girl. Meet a backpacker and date him on the road. Because when he is on the road, this backpacker is the real man and he has no pretensions. He doesn't hide his soul and trust me, you will know him well. Meet him and date him, for he is the man who would prefer to marry you at the top of the mountain with the wilderness as the witness than in a guest-filled fancy resort. Your first kiss shall be witnessed by the earth, the air and by the fire of that moonlit cold night.

Hey girl. Remember that the first time you held his hand is at the bus. From there, your journey will now lead to forever. Meet a Backpacker and be married on the road. /end

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  1. Ay naku! You are an old romantic! :-)

  2. Pondering Paodaolei | Normal na sa akin yan haha..

  3. :-D keep it up then. Am sure girls will show up in no time! hehehe

  4. Renante Mina | Thank you Renan! I appreciate the share :)

  5. Surely there's girl looking from what you writing on here bro! Hindi pa lang nya nababasa to. Kaya ishashare ko na. Para mabasa niya! hehehe

  6. Ed. I remember the Korea thingy...and the..okay I won't spill. Lol.
    Thank you for introducing to motorbike riding in the winding mountain ranges. It was very memorable and a more deep experience for me. Am looking forward to our next adventure. :-)

  7. Pondering Paodaolei | I'm glad you liked to ride on a bike! Not all do. Some are afraid and nervous :)

  8. Hey Ed, i love what we did really. You dont know how much I enjoyed our ride in the mountains. Ganun lang ang gusto mga scenery. And i like the time mhen me went to the old bridge. I c dan imagine the wedding you told me. :-)Thank you again. By the way it was biting pa nga. Hehe.

  9. Pondering Paodaolei | Yown! Sa uulitin! ;)

  10. <3. :-). Let's talk about the Illuminati thing again okay? And please bring me back to the old bridge. And hey, I have something to give to you. I think you'll like it.

  11. Pondering Paodaolei | I can lecture about illuminati non-stop :)

  12. Knights Templar. Priory of Scion. Masonry. Pretty please? I can talk about those religious topics / historical conspiracies all day long. :-)

  13. Pondering Paodaolei | So get ready to read the book of Daniel. interpret Katy Perry's Dark Horse video. learn the significance of the 33rd parallel, Beyonce's split personality and on how Monarch programming made Britney Spears crazy and pitiful. and the concept behind the two-party system of the American politics. LOL! Hahaha... adik lang :p By the way, there's new - the Chinese Secret Society made up of gangsters.

  14. Okay Mr. Guiquib, bring it on! I'm already seeing the two of us talking about these topics overlooking the rolling hills of Abra/Kalinga. Let's focus first on Illuminati, will you. :-P

    I'll research on the Chinese Secret Society. And hey, do you know about Robert the Bruce?


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