Photo above: Messara Plain in Crete Island by Jebulon.

Why Crete?

I was that child who often slept with the Atlas book. I virtually toured the world. I could recognize the location of the Rocky Mountains, the Caucasus mountain range, the lonesome Easter island, the Arctic coast of Russia, etc. 

In the Mediterranean, I was also fascinated with the islands off the coasts of Africa and mainland Europe. Remembering those days is resurrecting the sweet moments. As a child, I wasn't traveling. However, the fact that I enjoyed browsing the Atlas with some NatGeo worthy photos associated with the places featured was one of the sweetest moments in my life. I found it a luxury--being able to see those pictures and at the same time, locating their positions on the map.

The Peninsulas of southern Europe were some of my favorite features. The Atlas was printed that way I could see it from above with my naked eye. You could recognize the plains, the forested regions, the ridges and high-altitude locations. 

The easternmost of the three great peninsulas of Europe is the Greek peninsula that looked astonishing because of its extremely irregular shape. I didn't know how Greece looked like those days but just looking on the map, I could say that this country has a lot of beautiful places to unveil in the right time. At the Aegean Sea, clusters of irregularly shaped islands dotted the waters--some even extend near the coast of Turkey. At first I thought these islands were already part of Turkey but I was surprised that they still belong to Greece even though they are extremely nearer to Turkey and hundred folds away from Mainland Greece.

Greece's geographic features are indeed fascinating. The island of Crete is no exemption. Crete lies in the heart of Mediterranean like a gem with commanding presence. Before I came to know about the internet, seeing its location on the map was already enough. The heaps of curiosity in me made me want to stick my eyes on the printed pages as I day-dreamed of myself engaged in teleportation. What a sweet day that was! My mere imagination made me live my childhood days the fullest.

Fast forward, it's 2018. I've already accessed the internet multiple times but my Crete childhood fantasies still remain. The internet showed me the beauty of the island that I thought I would never see. 

I brought my childhood dreamworld to the present. Being a motorbike aficionado, I'm day-dreaming  of motorbiking the island with friends, or even in my solitary moments. With the advent of technology, traveling has become easier, cheaper, and more convenient. Renting a car in Crete would be a good option too. For car aficionados, I think this would be a great option to enjoy Crete island with family or with friends. 

How did I know it would be enjoyable to rent a car or a motorbike in exploring Crete island? During those days when I was not yet introduced to the internet, I have already enjoyed the island by just seeing its shape on the map with my creative imagination working. What more now that we already have the internet in our fingertips? Today, we could access the beauty of Crete (my childhood fantasy) and even the beauty of the world. Going back, the Rocky Mountains, the Caucasus mountain range, the lonesome Easter island, and the Arctic coast of Russia are no exemption of this fascinating technology we already enjoy.

So how I traveled as a child in Crete island? I traveled in my imagination.


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